Running during pregnancy – Can I run while pregnant?


RUNNING DURING PREGNANCY – IS IT SAFERunning during pregnancy tip & advice

There are several exercises that can be done during pregnancy. But, is running safe during pregnancy? If you’re an enthusiast runner and wondering if it is safe to run during pregnancy, this might help you. You just need to act in accordance with these two rules:

Can I run during pregnancy?

1.You must consult your doctor before you start doing any exercise or your health care provider and let them decide if you’re good to go or not.

2.If you’re already a runner even before you’ve become pregnant and doesn’t have any medical history and complications, running is good for you but also consult a doctor every now and then to know when to stop and start considering easier exercises. Your doctor will evaluate your postnatal health and enables even play sports.

Running during pregnancy is safe but considering your increasing pregnancy, you need to do lighter exercises is running safe during pregnancylike walking. Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy that can be done any time to let you have a healthy body.

It is very crucial to know that even when you’re an experienced runner, being a pregnant runner is a different story. Avoid getting overheated and stop running when you get breathless and felt pain. As your tummy grows bigger, you may get a lot of different feelings such as discomfort while running. In cases like that, it is better to consult your doctor to know what’s really happening.

When running during pregnancy, you should consider the following things to avoid unnecessary things to happen:

-Use good suspension footwear.

-Wear a high-quality sports bra and clothes.

-Drink plenty of fluids. (most recommended is water)

-Listen to your body and do not switch on

-Monitor your pulse.

-Run only after a safe terrain. This will help you avoid getting minor impacts during your run.

-Avoid run-time, if you are sick, you feel a pain, or if it is too hot or humid weather.

If you’re not into running prior to pregnancy, it is better not to perform this exercise. This is only suggested for runners, but they are also required to follow the doctor’s order when to stop and start a lighter exercise. Even though you really wanted to exercise running, keep it into your mind that your baby must be your top concern. It is not bad running during pregnancy. Just apply all you need to do and everything will be alright.


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