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Pregnancy and Airport Scanners

Is it safe to walk through airport screening machines while I’m pregnant?

Most airports are featured with metal detector and scanners which generates electricity. These scanners are designed to detect metals. Since these features produce electromagnetic fields, safety issues particularly for pregnant women have been discussed up to now. Are airport body scanners pregnancy really safe?They emit low level of electromagnetic field which has been considered safe. Aside from the metal detectors, the wands that are used for passing passengers are not harmful for pregnant women. If you are worrying that these scanners capture an X-ray photo, you can make sure that they do not.

Airport body scanner pregnancy X-ray

There are some airports that feature another type of airport body scanner. It is a screening device called as backscatter X-ray. Although this system has capability of seeing through clothing, they do not do the same airport body scanners pregnancything on your skin. This system is quite similar to that of X-ray scanning systems that are sued in checking luggage.

For pregnant women, the backscatter system is safe. Although it is termed as X- ray system, you can make sure that they do not pose a threat to you and to the baby inside your womb as well. This is because these scanners have been designed in such a way that they will not expose to you to a level of radiation that is harmful. This is likened to the exposure level you obtain from 3-hour flight.

In the first place, you have to keep in mind that when you are pregnant, the chance is that you will not fly often thus you need frequent scanning. Additionally, if you really cannot afford to undergo through airport body scanner pregnancy, you can opt for physical search.

As a conclusion, airport screening systems are safe even for pregnant women. Regardless of the type of scanners, pregnant women have nothing to fret of.




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